Nature’s Shadow by Sondra McKay

978-1-62516-219-9-SMcKayCoverAbout the Book

Alexandra is an attractive and educated middle-aged woman who has a big problem: she has never been satisfied with her life. She feels something is missing. Could it be that she has always wanted to be a vampire?

Alex knows vampires exist, but has never met one until a dark handsome man begins to stalk her, entering her reality by speaking to her granddaughter, Marie, in her dreams. Who is this man and how does he know so much about her?

She is intrigued and irritated by him at the same time. She feels that this is it, what she has been waiting for, and this man will finally bring the happiness she has been lacking. After several attacks and the need to be healed, slowly Alex becomes a vampire. Granted she feels and looks great, but this is not what she had hoped for! Alex quickly learns that she traded one set of issues for another.

As she watches her son become a vampire and her granddaughter being terrorized by demons in her sleep, she realizes what she has done to the people she loves.

Nature’s Shadow is the first book in a series about this vampire clan.

About the Author

Sondra McKay taught at universities for nearly twenty years. Born on the East Coast, she grew up on the West Coast, and now lives in the Midwest. She believes, “Writing is the best and cheapest therapy there is.”