Books by Shanaya Fastje

Mastery School – Monday Sleepover Disaster

This is the second to the series of “Mystery School” books which starts on a typical Monday morning, it takes you through a crazy wedding day adventure that you won’t believe really happened. Many hilarious events carry through out the story until the night closes the day. Order now.

Mystery School

Funny things happen on any given day at the Mystery School, a young girl tells how she see’s things as they happen unexpectedly. If you ever thought school was sometimes boring, well not in this school, the illustrations will have you smiling as they describe various adventures happening. These nonfictional stories are true moments of her life. Order now.

Mystery School – Crazy Adventures

In this third book of the Mystery School series, young author Shanaya Fastje shares an entertaining and informative view of her experience being homeschooled. Her unique adventures, and extraordinary life, provide an intriguing profile for young and older readers alike. Shanaya Fastje lives in El Paso, Texas and, at age eleven, is a tenth grade student in high school. She is an author, public speaker, and guitarist, and has developed an anti-bullying program called “The Bully in the Mirror” to help and inspire other kids. Shanaya’s previous books in the Mystery School series are Mystery School and Mystery School Monday Sleepover Disaster. She is currently writing her first work of fiction, which is about a ghost. Order now.

Bully in the Mirror (Pre-order from Amazon: Reserve your copy now!)

I began to investigate bullying when I discovered that kids were committing suicide due to this type of abuse. What started as a stack of pages hand-delivered to local schools has become a powerful anti-bullying program. This program, facts about the negative effects of bullying, and the experiences of real students regarding bullying are portrayed in, The Bully in the Mirror.

The primary target audience for The Bully in the Mirror is kids age 8 to 16. Each chapter provides important facts along with tips and exercises. Readers will learn how bullies work and how to stop them in their tracks. The core of the book is the chapter on setting up anti-bullying teams in schools. Equally important are the chapters on adult involvement and student empowerment.