The Start of the Journey: Part One of an Autobiography

by Sandra Ward-Cooper

978-1-61897-659-8-SWardCooperCoverAbout the Book

This autobiography of my life starts on the island of my birth, Jamaica, in 1962. At a young age, my father left my mother, my brother, and myself. He returned months later and illegally took me away at the age of three to live with his mistress and their unborn child.

So begins The Start of the Journey: Part One of an Autobiography, a wrenching tale of my inner survival.

The experiences and challenges I endured as a child empowered me for this time in my life, for I finally found the peace within me to share my story with others. I have found forgiveness, love, and respect for myself and others who were in our family circle.
I cannot change my past, I can only learn and look forward to my future.

I am now a stronger person who is no longer vulnerable, I have been empowered; my adversities have all been transformed into triumphs.

9781681811673-Ward-Cooper_CV.indd About Journeying Through Adversities

In her first book, The Start of the Journey: Part One of an Autobiography, Sandra Ward-Cooper wrote how she was able to rise above adversity and still hold on to her dreams.

Her second book, Journeying Through Adversities, continues that journey with the birth of her first child at age 22, and the struggles she faced being a single parent.

She says, “I knew it would be hard, but I had already experienced hard times. This time I would have someone to love, and receive real love in return. While trying to raise my child in the best way possible, deciding to continue my education was a very hard decision. Leaving my job after falling to the lowest point in my life, I went to college to pursue my passion for teaching and finally fulfill my childhood dreams.”

At the end of her education, Sandra had a child almost right after graduation, got married, had two other children, and finally got her teaching job.

“Life was going well. But then I suffered tragedies along the way, losing my father was one of the hardest things I had to go through. The road was long, decisions I made did not all work out in my favour, but with the help of God, my children, and my determination, I’m proud of the person I’ve become despite my rough and turbulent beginnings.”

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Sandra Ward-Cooper grew up in Mississauga, Ontario,Canada. “What motivated me into writing this book is to let others know there is no easy way out, but you can see your way through the storms just by focusing on greatness while going through toughness, and holding on to your dreams.”