Halley the Sheepdog By Sandra Onley

About the Book

Since 2006 in central Oklahoma, Halley the Sheepdog brought a family closer together in this heartwarming story that begins with the adoption of a black and white puppy. As Halley delights a little girl, the rest of the family also takes the puppy into their hearts.
The book is a collection of photographs displaying the personality of a Great Pyrenees sheepdog as it captures the love and attention of her new family members. Throughout the book, author Sandra Onley shows Halley posing with her children as they play and take care of the gentle guard dog. Taking care of a pet is not just about feeding it and keeping it healthy, but loving it!

This is a compassionate story of how a little dog grew to be more than a pet, because she loved her family, and they loved her.

About the Author

Sandra Onley is a teacher in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Her next book, Halley’s New Family, is told from Halley the Sheepdog’s perspective about the family that adopted her. The book includes illustrations instead of photographs, showing Halley’s point of view about her new home and family members. “I am an early childhood teacher and I know the importance of reading to every child’s success in life. If a child can read, he can achieve his goals.”

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