Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things By Roxanne Roberts

A Story About Witches, Warlocks and Such

What do children wish for when things get really bad? They could hope for a magical solution!

This is just what happens in the wonderful new children’s fantasy Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things: A Story About Witches, Warlocks and Such. When the world is in great need, a wise and generous witch appears with her guardian angel to make things right. Of course, the witch also brings along some friends, like faeries, warlocks and such!

Sometimes, all it takes is a single word or action, or even a random act of kindness to heal our hurts. Angel Wings is a very special story.

A Story About Merpeople

When a tourist stops for the night in the beautiful beach town of Bowen, in North Queensland, Australia, resting and enjoying her surroundings are the only expectations she can imagine. That evening, the young woman takes a picnic basket down to the water’s edge for her dinner and meets a crab, who just so happens to pinch her bottom! As the woman daydreams about the ocean at her feet and relaxes to feel the environment around her, a beautiful mermaid suddenly pops out of the water and tells her about the wonderful world beneath the sea. What special message will the mermaid ask the young woman to pass on to the children who live on the land? Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things: A Story About Merpeople will delight and surprise readers as it weaves a breathtaking tale of the mysteries and gifts of the sea.

A Story About Guardian Angels

In the very special children’s book, Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things: Faery Dust and Other Magical Things: A Story About Guardian Angels, a woman travelling in the lonely outback of western Queensland, Australia notices a large boab tree standing alone in a field. She stops to have lunch under the tree, and listens to the sounds of nature. Suddenly she hears pipes being played and looks to find the source. An angel has come to introduce himself and to take away her worries. When the woman meets her guardian angel, he reminds her that he has always been there for her, and will always watch out for her and guide her steps. She only has to ask, and he will give her the help she needs. The woman leaves knowing she has a special gift, because her angel is always by her side. Says author Roxanne Roberts, “I see people walking through life stressed and anxious, feeling as though they have no say in the direction their life is taking or in the path they tread. Life is so much simpler and happier if we can rely on our guardian angels to point us in the right direction, stop us before we fall, and pick us up when we do.” This book is written with the deep feeling that we are not alone in our human struggles.

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Roberts Cover Web(1)Angel Wings, Faery Dust, and Other Magical Things: A Story About Pixies

This is the tale of a little boy who becomes a pixie in his dreams. It happens in that magical moment between dreaming and awake, when almost anything can happen!

As a pixie, the child gets into mischief with the leprechauns, playing all sorts of tricks on the Elementals, until the moment they are caught by the white witch.

The witch then makes the pixie atone for all the havoc he and the leprechauns created with their pranks.This is the fourth book in the Angel Wings, Faery Dust, and Other Magical Things series.

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Roxanne Roberts is a high school art and mathematics teacher in Australia. “I believe that the magic of belief is often missing or forgotten about with our children. Einstein said that if you want your children to be smart, read them faery tales. Without imagination, creativity, and belief, children cannot reach their full potential. I live in a small mining community in North Queensland, which is facing some difficult times right now. It is even more important for the children to believe in faery tales here right now when things are so difficult for the adults around them.”