The Gypsy Saw Two Lives By Rodica Mihalis

About the Book

This memoir is the captivating story of a woman who defected from communist Romania to the “land of promise,” America. Was her road to “happiness” what she hoped it would be? Twists and turns make this fast-paced story a unique view on immigration, and at the same time gives the readers a glimpse of communism, and a detailed description of how it really feels to be a recent immigrant trying to fit in with a new culture to the point of acculturation.

Unlike other stories of immigration, the author focuses on what we have in common as humans, not what sets us apart. Her characters resonate with readers, as she brings home the point that we all love, mourn, hope and dream the same, regardless of our ancestry. More than being an immigrant or a native, we are all members of humankind first.

As life throws her challenges, the author starts to question her atheistic indoctrination from home. Is there a plan that a Higher Power has for each of us? Do we understand it or accept it on faith? This memoir offers the author’s personal, painfully honest and direct answers to her spiritual doubts.

The author’s incredible journey shows us that the human spirit can conquer the unimaginable!

Rodica Mihalis tells an extraordinary story that leads from places very unlike ours to here – a place where such extraordinary journeys are not extraordinary. This nation was founded by men and women who crossed an ocean of differences for opportunity and a dream, and this book gives us a tap on the heart, reminding us that such people still come.” – Mark Stein, author of How the States Got Their Shapes

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About the Author

Rodica Mihalis was born in communist Romania in the 1950s. She earned a B.A. in English and Romanian from the University of Bucharest and was a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest for eight years. In 1981, she defected to the U.S. in search of freedom. She “reinvented” herself many times and worked in various fields, from sales of insurance and financial products to owning her own successful wellness business focused on massage therapy and esthetics. She has extensive public speaking experience and is currently finishing her master’s in clinical psychology and counseling at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. For more information visit and

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