A wonderful tale of two young boys’ adventurous quest to do what no other human had done before, to cross the ocean from Maui to Molokai on a standup paddle-board kayak. We follow as they prepare and successfully reach their destination. Having arrived, they then learn more about their rich heritage as Hawaiians and with a dangerous venture back, they’re a bit wiser.
A wonderful read for the young adventurer in all of us!

This tale about two brothers, 12 year old Akoni and 10 year old Micah, is filled with imagery, from the foods they eat to the details Akoni works out to modify the ocean-going kayak to be a standup paddle kayak, and the descriptions of the Hawaiian people and scenery.
The characteristics of the boys are those you would like to find in your children and grandchildren. They show respect for each other, their elders, and their heritage. They assume responsibility for their adventure trip Akoni dreams up, listen to advice, but the two boys do it themselves.

I have read your book and I enjoyed it. I think it will be good for 5th, 6th and 7th graders. I have not been to Maui yet, so the description of the trees and the life there was really great and makes me want to go there. It is good to give kids the freedom to try new things and test out their ideas and this is the freedom I love. You learn outside a classroom. Your book shows this well.