Sample Poem

In April, 2013, I was collecting and arranging my love poems to be submitted as a book manuscript. I envisioned the cover to be blooming lilacs. But all the lilacs where I live were hit by a freeze. All except a five foot high bush I found by my rec center that bloomed late. The bush was lovely and wide enough that I envisioned taking a photo image that could be edge to edge lilacs for the book cover. It was an abundance of blooms to highlight my planned book title, ROMANCE in BLOOM Sweet Sayings for One’s Sweetie. Spend some time absorbing the feelings that come to you from this elegant book cover, then read this first poem, Heart Caress.

Heart Caress
My Lover-Buddy
gave me a glance,
just a glance
without words,
an upturning look,
spontaneous, showing pride
that I was with her,
at her side.
Like an all-seeing vision,
confident of meaning meant,
a beam of warmth
from her heart
caressed me,
a brush-like movement upward
across my face
to my eyes.
Direct, a brief holding,
Then looking away,
shy at the awe
my expression displayed,
knowing her glance
was meant for me.

Romance is a powerful noun that can mean love story. And that is what this poem collection conveys, the evolution of a love story that comes from shared experiences that are the romance of two. These poems convey the caution, the doubt, the willingness to try, to explore, to be open, to be sensitive to other’s turf, to be loving and kind.

Romance is feelings, planning, strategy, willingness, comfort, joy, affection, all entwined in love. The poems guide you along the trail from strangers to loving spouses.

These love poems are magical. They will evoke the reader’s feelings, warm their heart, lead to their spiritual self, and to the sensual. Romance in Bloom will do this in the beautiful balance of a relationship explored and understood and be as a mirror to one’s self.

These poems are dedicated to all lovers wherever they are and whatever age they’ve attained. Romance and loving can be everyone’s experience, as these poems show.