Five Steps to C.A.L.M. Career and Life Management By Robert Patterson Sr.

About C.A.L.M.
The Book

A father once told his young son, who was going out into the world on his own, “Son, what ever you want to become, be The Best.” This course teaches you how to be “The Best.”

It begins with instructions on how to put “The Best” of you on paper  Writing Your Resume. Then, later presenting “The Best” of you in person  Preparing for an Interview.

You’ll begin with the basic Resume Content, noting what should and should not be included in your Resume. After mastering the content, then begins the formatting of the Resume.

The author has thoughtfully provided you with a Resume CheckList. Some of the questions are as follows:

1. Is the Resume two pages or less?
(Do you realize the importance of this question?)
2. Are the dates consistent on the left (or right) side, and limited to years?
3. Does the language “flow” neither stiff nor stilted)?
4. Are Action Verbs used to your full advantage?

I would like to make a comment here; this is one of the many sections that you will utilize, not only in your job search, but also in your every day associations.

C.A.L.M. gives you access to nine different categories for Action Verbs. They are listed under the headings of:

Communication Skills
Creative Skills
Detailed Skills
Financial Skills
Helping Skills
Management Skills
Manual Skills
Research Skills
Teaching Skills

You’ll be surprised with how many Action Verbs from this section you will be able to include in your Resume, which will help make it more impressive to your employer.

Didn’t I tell you that employers would be impressed with your Resume? Now, you have been called for an interview! The next section of the book takes you into “Interviewing Techniques.” What other book walks you through an all-inclusive “Pre-Interview” session? Well, C.A.L.M. does, and once you have completed this lesson, you will indeed be CALM during your interview, no matter how many people may be on the panel of interviewers.

Included in the “Interviewing Techniques” section are Fashion Recommendations, which takes you step by step through the protocol for the business interview dress code, how both men and women should dress when going to an interview. Remember, your Resume may have “opened” the door, now your personal appearance may get a “foot” in that door. Here is where you put the lessons you have learned from C.A.L.M. into practice. Here’s where you Sell The Product – Yourself! Don’t worry, C.A.L.M. has fully prepared you for any of the possible questions that you may be asked during the interview. You are ready for them, and you will remain CALM.

C.A.L.M. guides you Step-By-Step through the entire interview. From the Beginning of the Interview, During the Interview, and through the Closure of the Interview. After completing this course of study, you will glide through your interview with confidence and a sense of achievement. You will have left a favorable impression with the employer, and all because you put into practice your C.A.L.M. course of study.

While the employer is checking you out, C.A.L.M. also instructs you on how to compile a checklist of pertinent company information. Information that is important to you in helping you decide whether or not you would want to work for this firm or company.

The author has thought of everything in preparing you for the job search. He has included a web-site listing for those of you who want to do your job-hunting via the Internet.

C.A.L.M. answers all the questions you may have ever had in your previous job search. The “Who”, the “What”, the “Where”, and the “How”.

If you are willing to strike a Faustian Bargain, that is, willing to sacrifice anything to satisfy a limitless desire for knowledge, then C.A.L.M. is without a doubt, the course of study for you.


Resumes are required. Even if you don’t like them, they are required. There are times when you really should have one. They are important in the job-hunting and business scene.

But the scene has changed.

Resumes are no longer as important as they were, say the people who receive them.

Decades ago, the mail carrier brought mostly personal letters. Resumes were among the personal things received.

Now, the mail carrier usually brings catalogs…third –class pieces of paper.

Today’s resume is not as welcome. It comes with catalogs, with the “junk.”

We must create these as very special examples of communication, pieces of paper that will get us in, not keep us out. Resumes are a combination of CALLING CARD, MESSENGER, and VISITOR. They are, indeed, very personal.

For twenty years, I have studied the various factors that make resumes GOOD and BAD.

I have personally read and rated more than twenty thousand resumes! (Most of these rated a 5 or below; a 10 is required.

The Success Factors are relatively simple. But I have never seen all of them in a book form before. And if they were written somewhere, the authors often minced words or gave you so many options that you never figured out which ideas were best.

When you purchased “The Next Five Steps to Enhancing “You” the “Product” in your Career and Life Job Search Management, you will have in your hands a book that will put these secrets, this amazing system, within your reach…and with very little effort.

You may react negatively to some of the things I tell you. That is your privilege.

But it is a resume reader’s privilege to make judgments about you after reading it. Therefore, it makes only good sense to appear to be “the very best.”

This book will do the trick for you. Read. Heed. Succeed.