Destiny’s Waltz: In Step with Giants

by Robert de Warren

About the Book

In a memoir both fascinating and amazing, Robert de Warren recounts his life and career as a distinguished ballet dancer, director, choreographer and designer. It is a life in which art and a driving need to create opened doors to worlds most never see.

Born in Uruguay to an Anglo/Irish father and British/Italian mother, Robert spent his childhood in Argentina, under the Peron regime. As his story progresses from a difficult adolescence to meeting the love of his life, to embarking on a career with the Royal Ballet in London, all of his struggles and triumphs are laid bare.

When an unexpected career turn brings him to Iran, where he is appointed to direct dance under the Shah, Robert discovers a new world of Persian ethnic, mystic and courtly dances. But revolution eventually forces Robert to return to the United Kingdom, and he moves to fulfill his life’s destiny as a director and choreographer.

In following the journey of Robert’s life and career, Destiny’s Waltz also reveals how Robert came to know Rudolf Nureyev, first as an acquaintance, then as a collaborator and ultimately as a true friend. From Nureyev’s performances with Margot Fonteyn in Iran at Robert’s invitation, to his recommending Robert as Director of the Ballet at La Scala in Milan, to their very close friendship through Nureyev’s final years, theirs was deep and lasting bond never to be forgotten.

During his life, Robert has met over fifty heads of state, celebrities of dance, opera, music, literature, film, art and more. And throughout it all he has retained a childlike joy at the wonders of our world, a joy that he shares in Destiny’s Waltz.

About the Author

Author Robert de Warren lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife of 50 years, Jacqueline. He is currently writing a book that focuses exclusively on his years in Iran and relating them to current geopolitical problems. He founded the Carreňo Dance Festival in partnership with international ballet Star, Jose Manuel Carreňo in 2010, garnering great support on the national and international dance scene. This is an annual Sarasota event in the month of August with participating artists and young dancers from around the world.