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Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships

Furious after his defeat by Sam Marsh and the U.S. Navy, the evil Herr Krater is determined to avenge the defeat of his spider tanks at the Battle of Lofoten. At the same time, he also intends to flatten Washington, D.C.!

Krater has built a fleet of immense cloudships with saucer attack fighters and red-eyed skelibots to fly them. It is left to his great-grandson, Sam Marsh, to stop him.

A sky battle kicks off above America, as cloudship is pitted against cloudship in the biggest family struggle of the millennia. If Sam loses, it means the total annihilation of the Eastern United States!

The battle all happens in the nonstop action thriller Sam Marsh and the Battle of the Cloudships: The Sam Marsh Stories – Part 2. The story is a sequel to Sam Marsh: The Viking King.

978-1-63135-136-5-RBullockCoverNoah Ramsbottom and the Runaway Sphinx

Noah Ramsbottom and the Runaway Sphinx is the fourth book in the Noah Ramsbottom children’s book series. It follows nine-year-old Noah as he explores a magic cave in the Yorkshire Dales, where he has some pretty cool adventures. Because, you see, Victoria Cave is packed full of elves and magic doors just waiting for curious children.

In book one, Noah visited a world populated by dinosaurs. Book two was an exciting pirate adventure, and book three told how the elves tried to stop two evil leprechauns.

In this latest tale, Noah is visiting the British Museum in London, when a mummy in a coffin whispers his name! Curiosity gets the better of him and Noah discovers it’s really a girl elf named Lilyplod. She asks Noah to return immediately to the magic cave for an urgent mission back to ancient Egypt, where the Sphinx has been brought back to life by Count Von Uglyplug and it is smashing up Giza!

Only Noah, a magical griffonhopper, a sandserpent, the brave Lilyplod, and a huge amount of Yorkshire puddings can save the day!

978-1-60976-077-9-RBullockCoverNoah Ramsbottom and the Treasure of Skull Island

In the second of the Noah Ramsbottom stories, Blunderplod, the small, fat, young cousin of Mr Littleplod, finds himself in a spot of bother. Whilst searching for treasure, he’s been captured by the nasty one-armed, one-legged, one-eyed pirate captain, Peg Leg Julian.

Peg Leg wants the treasure map for himself, of course, but because Blunderplod won’t tell him where it is, the captain is forcing Blunderpod to walk the plank from his submarine, where poor Blunderpod will be eaten alive by evil yellow crabs!

In a last-ditch effort to save his skin, Blunderplod exclaims that a human 9-year-old boy named Noah Ramsbottom has the treasure map. Peg Leg Julian has Blunderplod write a letter to Noah. When the boy wakes up, he finds a pigeon on the window ledge with a note on his leg. The letter is from Blunderplod and he begs Noah to help him.

Noah Ramsbottom sets off for a magic cave, but when he arrives and tells the cave guard, Mr Littleplod, that his cousin has been captured by Peg Leg Julian, Littleplod faints. It’s up to Noah and the tiny elf, Tiggleplod, to save the day. This endearing children’s fantasy is not only fun to read, but is also a tongue twister of Blunderplod proportions!

978-1-60860-335-0-RBullockCoverNoah Ramsbottom and the Cave Elves

When a young boy’s grandfather mysteriously disappears, he must embark on a magical journey to find and rescue him.

Nine-year-old Noah Ramsbottom never could have imagined that anything exciting would happen to him. He was just a lonely boy living in a remote farmhouse in England with his Grandad Fred, an explorer. When Fred goes missing one day, Noah sets out to find him and soon discovers a magical world with its share of both wonders and dangers.

He travels to Victoria Cave, an enchanted cavern full of magical doors that his grandfather has told him about. While there, Noah meets Mr. Littleplod, the cave guard, who tells Noah that his grandfather has been taken prisoner by the Furglegurgles, vile creatures who smell of old socks. Determined to find the truth, Noah faces exciting and fantastic adventures on his quest through the doors of magical possibility.

About the Author

Robert BullockRobert Bullock is a full-time writer living in the Yorkshire Dales. He visits schools, libraries, and community groups presenting workshops for children from pre-school age to teenagers. He is the chairman of a local pet rescue organisation. “So many children are interested in ancient Egypt. And so many girl readers asked me to write a story where Noah’s companion is a girl elf, so Lilyplod is in this story!” In his next book, Noah helps solve the mystery of Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. Visit the Author’s Website and Blog.


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Noah Ramsbottom and the Great Gold Robbery,  an e-book for children (third in the series)

Jacob’s War, a novel for older children and teenagers.