My Confederate Cousin

This is a fictional depiction that includes true facts about a black man who fought for the South during the Civil War. In his insightful new book My Confederate Cousin, author Robert Broome, Jr. writes about his long ago ancestor’s part in American history.

“My cousin, Basil Dawson, was a black Confederate soldier born in Poolesville, Maryland. As a soldier in the Confederate States Army, Basil killed Federal soldiers alongside his white father and half brother, who also fought for the CSA. Following the war, Basil returned home to relatives who were unhappy with him because he had fought for the South. Even today, the family remains divided because Basil served with the Confederacy.”

Broome writes with passion about this time in America’s past when brother fought brother, and even now, almost 150 years later, the bad feelings still remain. My Confederate Cousin could have been anyone’s cousin.

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Immortal Us: WWII Epic

Private Michael Davidson, USMC, spoke about his family’s history while we were serving together aboard the USS Portland on a NATO exercise in the north seas. He recounted the military heroes in his family, from the Prussian War in Austria in the 1870s through both world wars. But the story ends when Private Davidson was killed in 1982 in the U.S. Marine Corps barracks bombing in Beirut.

Immortal US tells the story of Davidson’s family roots, beginning with his Jewish great-great grandfather immigrating to America from Austria in 1875 with his mother, and making a living as a juvenile on the streets of New York after his mother died of tuberculosis. He lived in a world of gangsters, prostitutes, and violence, even serving time in jail. Later, he started a successful hotel and raised a family that would serve heroically in the American military.

Michael’s great grandfather’s eldest son was buried in France after falling as a U.S. Marine in Belleau Woods, France. His Uncle Michael fought as a USMC captain during World War II, dying in the German Reichstag while pushing to take Berlin in 1945. His aunt, Lieutenant Anna Davidson, was betrayed by a double agent as a British/American spy and was shot while trying to evade capture.

This book is about a classic American family, not famous, but one that gave everything for the American dream.

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About the Author

Robert Broome, Jr. currently resides in King George, Virginia, and has served for over 30 years as a Civil Servant in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Federal government as an employee at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. He believes “everyone should know the perspective of the blacks who fought on the Confederate side during the Civil War.”

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