The Energy Conspiracy: A Slade Stone Mystery By Rich Banko

About the Book and the Author


Follow Slade Stone on his second adventure of International intrigue as he and his cousin Gunner get involved in a plot that has worn on for over fifty years. An under handed plan to take over the world. Slade and Gunner find out just how the plan was formulated, how it was meant to be carried out, and who was involved. Along the way they encounter double agents, paid assassins, and every trick imaginable to get them to back off, or be killed.

Follow along the road of intrigue, double crosses, failed hits, and dead bodies to see how they finally succeeded, and what the out come was.

About the Author

I am a medical software quality control engineer by profession. I am a sports enthusiast and I especially enjoy fishing and snorkeling. I enjoy writing because it makes me use my imagination to the fullest. Developing the characters and story lines has been a challenge, but a lot of fun.

I’ve been writing about one and a half years and the inspiration for this book as well as others I have written was my best friend. He convinced me I could do it, and then he helped me formulate the main character, detective Slade Stone. This is actually the second book in what will hopefully be a long and successful series. The third book is already well along the way to being finished.