Butterfly Magic II

Butterfly Magic II is a children’s Christmas fantasy set on the Central Coast of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia, where Christmas happens during the hot, sunny days of summer.

Events are triggered when a prank is played by one of three volunteer firefighters acting as Santa’s elves. While escorting Santa to a village Christmas party, the prankster spies a scarecrow on a front lawn. He pulls the scarecrow out of the ground, placing it next to Santa on the fire truck.

They then travel to the Christmas party. But at the end of the day, the “elf” forgets to return the scarecrow, which is when the trouble begins. The scarecrow’s owners demand its return and threaten retribution.

They abduct Jack, the grandson of one of the elves. Jack is taken to a small island off the coast of New South Wales and is caged inside a cave.

In his prison, Jack is visited by a witch, a serpent, and magical monarch butterflies.

This second book of a series features Rebecca, Fredericka, and Jack, children from the first book.

Author Bio

Rhonda Hillyer left school at fifteen, married at nineteen, was a mother at twenty, went back to school at twenty-five, sat for the Higher School Certificate (end of high school in Australia), “where I won a Commonwealth Scholarship at twenty seven, and studied at what is now the University of Technology for the next three years, graduating at thirty.” She worked thirty-four years as an accountant. “I trained in a martial art (Tae Kwon Do) and gained three black belts, was undefeated competing in tournaments, and have ten gold championships.”

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