The Mysterious Affairs At Malvern Link By R. H. E. Crawford

About the Book

What does a young actress do when an old friend asks her for a “little favor?” If the old friend is a young man of highly questionable morals, whose mentor is a fictional character named “The Saint,” the young woman should think twice before getting involved with him at any level.

When Betty Ruth Jordan is abducted from Heathrow Airport by just such an old friend, she knows it means trouble! Trouble not only for her, but for anyone involved with Simon Talbot-Lago, an Englishman determined to earn a reputation for daring exploits. Nonetheless, Betty Ruth’s personal curse of insatiable curiosity leads her to ignore the danger she may encounter at Malvern Manor, the ancestral home of the Earl of Malvern. As has happened so often in her past, she gets involved.

A weekend in the English countryside sounds relatively safe, but Malvern Manor has a dangerous house guest: Abdul al Akbar and his retinue of ominous looking men.
Betty Ruth’s abductor is ostensibly returning a painting stolen from Malvern Manor, but she soon learns that there is more than meets the eye going on in Malvern Link, birthplace of the Morgan sports cars and residence of a cantankerous sort of ghost. She gets much more involved than any young lady ought to in The Mysterious Affairs at Malvern Link: A Jordan-Hudson Novel.

About the Author

R.H.E. Crawford began the series of misadventures with the decision to explore America’s loneliest highway, the old Highway 50 from Kansas to Carson City. That misadventure led the protagonists, retired judge Hudson and young, lusty, Betty Ruth Jordan into the misadventure of The Witches Three, and thence into the sewers of Vienna in The City of Dreams. Now we offer you the misadventures of Malvern link. Crawford now lives in the salubrious climate of Windsor, California, and is reviewing Betty Ruth Jordan’s notes on her misadventures aboard the Orient Express before writing his next mystery.

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