Novels by Rena Dunsworth

Dunsworth coverThe Blood Red Moon

The Blood Red Moon is the third book in a four-book series. The year is 2072, and Henrietta and Amy have just returned to Manhattan … from the past.

They have with them their new son Christopher, the product of virgin birth. Many things have changed since the women left the city, but some things have not. Amy is still rich, but she has to change shape in order to hide from the devil, and the same holds true for Henrietta. So Amy becomes “Helen,” and Henrietta becomes “Maureen.” They live in the penthouse at the Ritz on Central Park South, because Helen owns half the building.

Their son is a happy child, until it’s time for him to go to kindergarten. Christopher becomes best friends with Darren, who turns out to be the incarnation of Lucifer. When the boys say what their parents do for a living, Darren calls Christopher a fag because his parents are lesbians. Christopher begs not to go back to school, and his mothers agree that home schooling would be best.

The family takes a vacation on the moon, which takes just three hours  by transport.  While there, Maureen starts to remember things. She opens the door to an ancient maze, which is the tomb of the Moon Daughter. The Moon Daughter speaks from beyond to tell Maureen that the devil is closing in on them.

Dunsworth cover 2The STORY of JOSEPHINE

A love story that begins on the sunny shores of Rio takes newlyweds Henrietta and Amy on an unforgettable journey from their present lives to a forgotten one of the past…but will they ever find their way back home…and back to each other?

Henrietta unexpectedly—and mysteriously—becomes pregnant as unearthly events begin to unfold, beginning with a visit from an angel. Arriving back in New York from their vacation, things get even stranger when they find themselves at “The Graveyard of Forgotten Stories.” With the help of The Traveler, Henrietta enters a story that began over two-thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt.

Losing her identity and her memory, Henrietta – now Josephine – becomes a young girl who is faced with the shocking truth of her half-brother’s true identity. As she grows older, Josephine must do what she can to survive, but falls from the arms of her lover into the trap of greed and lust in the palace of King Herod.

From Biblical history to time-traveling odyssey, The Story of Josephine is a seductive, bittersweet tale of romance that will last throughout the ages.

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Dunsworth cover 3The Girl, the Moon, and the Melon

Henry Bloom wants to be a girl, and he prays and prays for transformation. God hears his prayer and sends a young angel to answer it. So begins the adventures of Henrietta Bloom. But if she is to achieve the happiness she has always longed for in her new body, there are some things she has to do. Henrietta must avoid the traps of the devil-which is harder than it sounds when he is forcing you into a limo at gunpoint. She also has to accept that she is a lesbian with a mission to stop gay people from experiencing hell when they die by changing the laws of heaven and earth. Luckily for Henrietta, she has her best friend, her true love, her landlord, and Oscar Wilde all ready to help her recreate the world in love and hope. Author Rena Dunsworth tumbles together modern religion, ancient deities and a fresh perspective in an exuberant escapade that defies convention on every level. About the Author: Rena Dunsworth grew up in the Denver metro area and now lives in Manhattan. She was motivated to write The Girl, the Moon, and the Melon as a response to the oppression of gays by various religions. She is currently at work on a sequel, which picks up with Henrietta and Amy in Rio and follows them as they return to New York and the mythical realms beyond.