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“This is excellent rajith….thanks for writing this book!!! It’s very practical and each line makes sense…..” – Reema Ahuja – HR

“Congratulations on writing an enlightening manuscript. I meant to tell you that I had a glance at it and found it very uplifting!!!!! – Bev – Edit Manager

“It is thought provoking. It has much to teach the reader. Congrats!” Omparkash Sondhi – Author – Recently Awarded OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO LITERATURE

A very nice little book, 50 pages in total. It discusses the various methods of connecting to the Universal Intelligence. The author claims that ” if properly applied, the wisdome embodied in this book can result in real change in your life and overall peace of mind”. This is a book that I will reread periodically. – Christopher Provan ( Goodreads)

Truly amazing guide to mental wellbeing, and living one’s life. Beautifully written. – Paddy O’ Callaghan- (Goodreads)

A much needed User Manual for Living Today. This excellent, although short book,reveals the secret to accessing Universal Intelligence for the common or average person. It teaches the reader to learn the art of feeling good in moments of pressure. He points out that God has given humans the gift of using thoughts, the ability to monitor one’s thoughts, and make the connection between thoughts and actions. The highlight of this great human user manual is the revelation that if we let the conditions that surround us control the way we feel, we will always be living a life filled with stress, fear and a lack of creativity. Does not take a lot of time to read, but it is something a reader will want to read a few times. – Vistag Rapher ( Amazon)

Rajappan begins his book “The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence” with an introduction in which he discusses “feeling good in moments of pressure.” He stresses that we should not allow situations surrounding us to control the way we feel. As we delved farther into the book we learn about our inner voice. Too often we deny or ignore that voice as it attempts to direct us. A large part of changing is learning to let go of the past. If we hold on to past hurts we will stay miserable. Many are willing to place blame on fate rather than their own decisions. While Rajappan calls the inner voice our intuition I see it as the Holy Spirit. The author’s purpose in writing this book is to assist the reader in “evolution” or change. He wants to see others grow, mature, develop and progress. He points out that evil and negative thoughts often come up in situations of love, such as if you love someone and they do not return that love. In Chapter 11 Rajappan discusses the effect negative emotions have on our health. From personal experience I can attest that he is correct in his assessment. A person can become physically ill from depression, jealousy, and hatred. – Anne B ( READERS FAVOURITE)

Each time that I have immersed myself in a self-motivating book, I have felt the need to immediately read another book, offering me a step-by-step guidance to implement the knowledge and instructions mentioned in the former and also keep me driven to do so. Such incidents, however, did not deter me from my search of that one self-help book that makes the task of learning a valuable skill, understanding the message delivered, and making its implementation effortless. When I picked up “The Illuminator” and read the contents of the book in one sitting, all that I had to say to myself was: “Eureka!”

The buzzing world we are a part of is continuously challenging us to meet our personal and professional goals by multiplying on creativity and mitigating stress. Helping us achieve this feat “The Illuminator” offers insights into the universal guiding principle built into in all humans and animals: our instincts — often unperceived and held in doubt by humans. We, homo sapiens, are always appreciative of the instinctual actions and reactions of animals that help them thrive in the contending nature of the wild; but of our own human instincts we let the covers stay put. This book offers a systematic explanation into the nature, power, and purpose of our instincts and how we can harness this form of “Intelligence” to our advantage. Practical implementation of theoretical learning is always coupled with errors and sometimes failure to achieve results. This alone can be a demoralizing factor for many learners/readers. The author, Rajith, has given due consideration to this phenomena in his book, explaining the factors that may account for such errors and ways to abate them.

While the theme of the book is a topic that has captivated human interest and invited scientific study since time immemorial, Rajith has ensured simplicity of content by opting for elementary style of writing. The simple use of language is teemed with a generous use of appropriate terminologies that stimulates quick learning and understanding of the theme. In addition, the author has effectively exhibited the art of explaining more in a few words and making simple a complex idea, capturing the interest of the readers at all points in the book and achieving the purpose of powerful knowledge dissemination. Each chapter has been carefully structured and well-ordered for impeccable coherency. To ensure that the book leaves a deep and long-lasting impact on its readers, the author opens each chapter with a relevant quotation, giving a hint into the chapter ahead, and closes it with the best lines from the chapter. The conclusion also stands as a summary to the chapter, a re-read of which confirms recollection of all that has been learnt.

The book is a short, quick and smooth read, requiring minimum time investment, yet strikingly impressive in structure and powerful in content. – Bill (Amazon)