The Illuminator: Access to Universal Intelligence by Rajith Rajappan

About the Book

Little tweak in Inner self will result in 95% positive results. And that is what The Illuminator intends to do.

The Illuminator- Access to Universal Intelligence is a Mood Boosting Book that guides the reader to think along the right way and in the process puts the reader in a better “mood.”

In this fascinating and informative book, author Rajith Rajappan opens a door to “Universal Intelligence,” a theory that focuses your emotions, knowledge, and self-improvement goals in order to succeed in every aspect of your life. The Illuminator offers a step-by-step guide, outlined in fourteen chapters, to help you connect with your unique inner power as reflected in the universe. If properly applied, the wisdom embodied in this book can result in real change in your life and overall peace of mind.

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