The Game – Adventure Begins By PJ Truter

About the Book

Combining the best of suspense, action, thrills, and classic adventure, The Game – Adventure Begins is an impressive entry in the fantasy genre.

Exciting, visceral and thoroughly entertaining, the story follows two groups of rival role-players as they are magically transported into a fantasy world after using a mysterious pair of dice. Discovering that they are nothing like their powerful role-playing characters, the groups are forced to adapt, or die, as they seek out the dice which will return them to their own world.

Adopting two divergent routes, the groups are soon bitter rivals in the fantasy world, much as they had been in the real world, but with much higher stakes. As they head for a collision course which transcends both worlds, and culminates in an epic showdown where there can only be one victor, The Game – Adventure Begins takes the reader on an unforgettable and surprising ride.

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About the Author

PJ Truter lives in East London, South Africa, where he is a manager in Logistics, and a freelance journalist. Inspired by decades of playing role-playing games in the fantasy genre, Mr. Truter is currently writing the next installment of The Game, which takes place twenty years later.