Cry of the Rocks by Pixie Emslie

About the Book

What kind of bravery is needed to enter the bowels of the earth, and to do so again day after day, when life could be snuffed out in a moment? Cry of the Rocks is a thriller about the world of deep rock mining.

The mystique of mining has always fascinated people, and mining is also big business, which can attract dangerous players. The book’s issues and dangers take readers into the depths of a fictional mine named Nkuti, a modern deep-rock platinum mine in post-apartheid South Africa. A mysterious man threatens the miners into sabotaging the mine, while also carrying out two kidnappings. The story involves murder, international conspiracy and trapped miners awaiting rescue.

This powerful novel encompasses the loves and lives of people working the fictional mine, as well as the politics of mining, and the efforts to rescue the miners before it’s too late.

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About the Author

Pixie Emslie is a former journalist who worked on newspapers and magazines in South Africa and in London. She spent years writing about the harsh world of mining in South Africa in coal, gold, platinum, copper and manganese mines. She lives with her husband in the southern Cape of South Africa.