Changing Shadows By Philip M. Herman

About the Book and the Author

When a little old lady believes she could be murdered because of long-hidden Nazi secrets, it’s up to the woman’s niece to unravel the mystery, in the riveting new novel Changing Shadows.

Charlotte Bradford works at her father’s prestigious art gallery. When she receives a desperate note from her aunt telling her that someone is trying to kill her, Charlotte and her police detective boyfriend investigate her aunt’s suspicions. The trail takes the pair to an old decaying Virginia mansion, where clues seem to be hanging on the walls … or perhaps behind the walls, painting an ominous picture.

The shocking answers to this decades-old mystery lie in revelations that could destroy a distinguished family.

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Author Bio

Philip M. Herman realized he wanted to be a writer in his college days. But it was his extensive travels in Europe that fueled his other passions – architecture, history, and art – all of which now come together in his novel, Changing Shadows. Herman, who lives in Flat Rock, North Carolina, has been a docent for several historic houses and plantations. He is working on his next book.