Double Spy by Peter van Wermeskerken

doublespyIn 1963 I combined a visit to my East German girlfriend with a radio broadcast. Got even an interview with minister of education Margot Honecker, the meanest woman ever lived. When I returned 1967 East German intelligence approached me. Back home Dutch security service made me a double agent. That was fun!, although the pay was bad.

East German intelligence, part of their state security Stasi (champion in suppression), regarded themself as second best in the world, behind Isrealian Mossad, but ahead of American CIA and Russian KGB. But only in West Germany they were successful, thanks to the open one way border from east to west. All their nearly 4000 officers had a “master degree in espionage”.

Not me, I had a degree to be farmer. But smart questioning, interrogating they’d never heard of. Carouse, yes! But not me, since I’m epileptician. For my safety in western Europe I neglected all their security advices for me. Even the Eastern spies were not allowed to travel into the west. Therefore they didn’t know how we live. My wife made an end to the adventures. When she was highly pregnant she convinced Dutch security service I had to finish and both banned me from any more trips to East Berlin.