The Helios Rain

theheliosrainU.S. Air Force Major Dr. Mathew Collins is still a military target in his San Antonio plastic surgery practice. Collins is the sole survivor of his special operations unit in Afghanistan after attack by Iranians with the chemical trichothecene – also called the Helios Rain. The United States fears its next home attack will be with this chemical weapon. Collins’ primary physician, Air Force Colonel Dr. Abram Gesecke is actively testing Collins muscle tissue in pursuit of an antidote and reason for his survival. Gesecke urges Collins not to draw attention to his newfound super strength as Collins has become a target by Iran to obtain his medical records and engineer his abduction. Indeed, an Iranian soldier, Lieutenant Kahlid Vermani, also a Helios Rain survivor like Collins is sent by Iran to the U.S. to find him. Kahlid Vermani uncovers three former Afghanistan military returnees with the name Mathew Collins in his mission to find the correct Helios Rain survivor. In so doing, he murders two men – an Army Sergeant and a Navy SEAL Lieutenant –leaving only Dr. Mathew Collins on his agenda. Dr. Collins cannot hide his new powers completely. He is discovered at a fitness center by San Antonio criminal boss Carl Grange, when Collins rescues the man by lifting 400 pounds of free weights from crushing the man’s neck. In addition, when Collins sings the Lord’s Prayer in church with his newfound soul mate Nancy Tilden and her teenage son Frankie, his voice becomes an ethereal, heaven sent delivery inducing a spiritual experience in all who hear the prayer including the U.S. President. Presidential attention adds the Secret Service into the mix of Air Force Security and CIA trying to keep Collins and his new family protected from the Jihad stalkers. Despite all protective efforts, 14 year-old Frankie is taken hostage in exchange for Collins’ medical records and an examination of Collins’ physical status by Vermani. Collins survives the combative confrontation between the Iranians and the U.S. agencies. He is also recruited to sing at the President’s inauguration. The televised inauguration ceremony climaxes with Collins’ presentation of The Lord’s Prayer sending a spiritual message throughout the world. His celestial voice is interpreted as being God’s voice calling for world peace – a banner which the U.S. President will direct toward all religions and especially the Moslem world.

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