The Happy Hat

thehappyhatTHE HAPPY HAT is a medical thriller, crime drama and unusual love story taking place in one of the Navy’s largest stateside military hospitals. The story is based on actual events which the author relives through fictionalized characters.

An FBI agent undercover as a Navy hospital corpsman follows a patient in a total body cast from Vietnam to Queens Naval Hospital in New York. The cast contains a half-million dollars of heroin impregnated in the plaster. All branches of the military contract biodisposal of plaster casts originating from Vietnam to civilian vendors because they contain foreign bacteria. The biodisposal teams are in fact part of US organized drug cartels and ruthless killers who extract the heroin from the tainted plaster casts.

The New York cartel eliminates any internal or external threat to their business and films their torturous murders as deterrents to any ambitious cartel member. Chief Corpsman and FBI Agent Isaac Kaplan agonizes trying to filter out the who, what, where and whys of the heroin smuggling ring which endangers several lives and the one Nurse who may be the leader–the one he falls in love with.

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