The Eyeman

theeyemanAn incident at Queens Naval Hospital and documents from South Vietnam and Thailand implicating Marine Lance Corporal Julio Marco in the slayings and eye removal of four Asian civilians prompt action from the hospital Commanding Officer. Marco’s physician, Dr. Paul Norman, and the staff involved in treating Marco are threatened with transfer to Vietnam unless they get Marco out of Queens Naval Hospital and into the Veterans Administration. Marco is transferred and discharged to civilian life with a benign diagnosis. The FBI is actively seeking a killer of over twenty Asians covering a fifteen-year span. Dr. Norman contacts Special Agent Kurdley Talbert and after describing Marco and his alleged victims, the FBI begins a hunt for Marco and a search for the former Queens Naval Hospital staff to verify Norman’s story.

Marco, alias Rupert Petersen, is chairman of Noel Enterprises – a successful and respected national medical supply house. Marco emerges from the Petersen personality only when Asian confrontations occur. Marco’s two partners from his former Vietnam unit decide to eliminate all witnesses to the Marco persona to guard against any adverse background check of their company. As the Queens Naval staff members begin to die and Norman’s story cannot be validated, Dr. Paul Norman becomes suspect as the “Eyeman” Asian serial killer. A race to get Norman arrested runs in parallel with the effort for Marco (Petersen) to kill him. Investigative FBI Agent Marvin Pellicle uncovers evidence exonerating Norman just as Marco and his partners are executing their plan to kill Norman and his wife. But can he circumvent FBI protocol.

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