The Adjustment Clinic

theadjustmentclinicMary Murphy has spent a vicious existence at Wilson Medical Products rising to power by blaming faulty anti-FDA practices to get her boss, Dr. Lucy Pintell, fired and ostracized forever from the pharmaceutical industry. From the depths of despair, Pintell meets Dr. Harvey Brasher and together they form The Adjustment Clinic, a clandestine agency that will root out and correct internal malpractices within a drug company and excise the corrupt people responsible for covering up drug toxicity. Under her new identity of Dr. Rowena Diaz, Pintell begins an eight-year journey to confront Mary Murphy and absolve Pintell’s tainted physician legacy.

Wilson Medical Products executive Mary Murphy sends an infiltrator into Legg Pharmaceuticals to delay Legg’s FDA submission of a competitive medication and thus gain a major market share with Wilson’s drug. Dr. Porfirio Quintos, CEO of Legg Pharmaceuticals enlists the aid of the Adjustment Clinic against Wilson’s spy. The saboteur from Wilson’s is killed and the submission package of Wilson’s drug is destroyed before it reaches the FDA. Undaunted, Murphy’s next agenda includes attacking Wormwood Drugs and Diagnostics to get their new antibiotic into the FDA first and thereby gain the most market share. Murder, kidnapping and group hypnosis are her tools incorporated into standard ethical drug development.

The FDA special field branch sends FDA Agent Purity Feinberg MD and Agent Lance Trumble into the midst the criminal Wilson Medical Products executives disguised as drug development scientists. Their target is Mary Murphy. Feinberg and Trumble’s associates Willomena Kemos and Atherton Quigley in the DEA add finding the vigilante group known as The Adjustment Clinic to their agenda.

All players become aligned in confrontation. Wilson Medical Products consigns lethal sanctions against Wormwood Diagnostics as the Adjustment Clinic faces off against Wilson Medical Products. The FDA’s Feinberg and Trumble and the DEA’s Agents Willomena Kemos and Atherton Quigley must throw a government net over all three.

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