Forward/Rewind: A Story of Remembrance and Renewal by P. Ellen Manley

About the Book

How do you start all over again when life throws you one too many punches? Forward/Rewind: A Story of Remembrance and Renewal takes readers into the sad life of Trish Manfield, an empty nester whose husband died suddenly.

In this stunning novel, Trish cannot forget her happy past with her loving husband and their children all around her. With her kids grown and her husband dead, Trish spends her long, sleepless nights finding eerie comfort in mundane late-night TV reruns that she watches, but doesn’t really see. What can possibly shake Trish out of her self-imposed prison that her life has become?

Trish is frightened and perched on the edge of sanity, believing that life has dished out more than she can overcome. Forward/Rewind is the story of one woman’s journey back, her strengthening reunions, and her ultimate awakening to a new beginning and sense of worth. Simply put, Forward/Rewind is an unforgettable book.

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About the Author

P. Ellen Manley grew up in Chicago, lived in New Jersey with her family for many years, and now resides in Columbia, South Carolina. She is working on the sequel.

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