About the Book

Even at thirty-eight years old, Pete Mitchell’s fatherless childhood still haunts him. One day he watches a television news report about single parents and decides to start searching for his father.  This Pete does, so he could know his father and receives his support.

His beliefs that a father must take care of the child he helps bring into the world, also motivates him to start his search. His search would be easy if the family members who know the whereabouts of his father are willing to help him.

The more progress he makes, trying to make contact with his father, the more difficulties he faces. His father’s two other children caused most of the difficulties. The troubles Pete experiences, from his siblings, range from them tampering with their father’s will to them having him thrown into jail on a trump up charge.

After he attends court and gets out of jail, he faces more problems trying to get the house his father leaves him. How does he handle the difficulties life throws at him?

The following are the titles of the chapters of the book:


1. Lost Rights
2. The Search Is On
3. Waiting and Hoping
4. Hearing from the Source
5. The First Contact
6. Planning to Visit
7. Anticipation
8. Wait No More
9. Part of the Family
10. Another First Visit
11. Home Again
12. Sudden Return
13. Problems Abound
14. Accusations
15. The Case
16. After the Verdict

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