The Right to Belong by Patrick Davy

Book Synopsis:
Thirty-eight year old, Pete Mitchell searches for his father . The family members who could help Pete find his father refuse to do so. After he finds his father, Pete’s new problems range from his siblings tampering with their father’s will to them having him thrown into jail.

Young adult to adult contemporary fiction.

Setting, time period, and locations:
The story setting includes Floral Park and Hempstead in Long Island New York ; Coop City in Bronx New York , and Western London , England . The time period is late Fall of 2008 to early Summer of 2009.

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The following is a brief Interview with the Author

How long have you been writing?
Over fifteen years.

What motivated you to write this book?
Since I am available to my sons, at all times, I know how important it is for a father to be involved in his child/children’s lives. My availability to my sons and my personal experience of growing up without a father motivated me to write this book.

Where did you grow up?
Jamaica , West Indies

Are there any famous authors that inspire you?
I read many how-to-write good fiction books by various authors. When it comes to reading fictional stories by famous authors, the author that inspired me the most is Ernest Hemingway. I read The Sun Also Rises to be entertained and learn certain aspects of writing fictional stories.

What do you do for a living?
I worked in the Healthcare industry for many years, but I continue with my passion – during my spare time.

Did you draw on life experience to write this book? If so, can you share that experience in brief?
I grew up without my father. It was always my wish to meet him and get his support. I was successful in meeting him once when I was in my twenties. The meeting was brief and I barely remembered what transpired. I was busy being mad and upset that he has abandoned me for so long and all he promised was it won’t happen again. It turned that all I received was empty promises since the abandonment continued. I remembered more about what I heard of him than what transpired during our brief meeting.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
A Literary Agent Reviewer said, “… this is a timely work, and a good piece of fiction that crosses all boundaries and can be used for a variety of uses—I see therapists, educators, guardians, all types of walks of life using this book as a teaching tool. I can see this marketed to a number of social agencies, schools, etc.” I am working on a new novel.