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Kristensen_CV_WebJennifer Shot-Shot Through the Heart

Summer sizzles as Jennifer Shot, law student and private detective, begins her end-of-year vacation. But serial killers don’t take holidays. The bodies of beautiful dead women are washing up on Tasmanian beaches. Hunter, an American mercenary, who Jennifer has worked with on other cases, is tracking an international drug trafficking ring and enlists her help.

Jennifer finds herself spying on her first love, the devilishly handsome, Antonio Italiano, who arrives in Tasmania on his super yacht, The Sea Princess, and in the middle of a murder case involving the serial killer known as The Seaside Strangler.

The lead investigator is Jet Damon, a local police officer and old flame, who Jennifer has known since primary school and who stole her first kiss.Hunter and Jet jostle for Jennifer’s affections, while Jennifer still struggles with her feelings for Antonio. But things are about to get even hotter for Jennifer as she finds herself following a trail of drugs, money, and murder. The Strangler is also hunting… one of them.

Long listed for The Australian Crime Writers Association Ned Kelly Awards for Best First Novel and Best Novel

Jennifer Shot – The First Shot?

Murder, kidnapping and cannibalism. (Cannibalism?) Must be just another day in Tasmania! What else could go wrong in the humorous murder mystery Jennifer Shot – The First Shot?

Jennifer Shot, a law student at the University of Tasmania is trying to make some extra money as a fledgling private detective. She finds herself targeted by a mafia hit man, Chester the Chisel, named after his weapon of choice. To further make ends meet, she rents rooms to Nathan, Rod and Cindy, two oversexed fellow law students, and a police officer with personal issues. When Jennifer’s detective job has her searching for a missing senator’s daughter, she stumbles onto an elaborate mob scheme.

Her life is further complicated by an old flame, a new love, a senile aunt and, oh yes, a killer, one who has Jennifer’s murder at the top of his things-to-do list. Who will get in The First Shot?

Jennifer Shot – Another Shot

Kristensen_Cover_WebOrphaned at the age of thirteen, Jennifer lives with her Aunt Elizabeth in the historic Tasmanian suburb of Battery Point. After her aunt moves into assisted care following some dementia-related incidents, Jennifer studies law with her best friend, Mary, at the University of Tasmania.

To help with expenses, she rents rooms to two over-sexed fellow law students, Rod and Nathan, and a police officer, Cindy, who has anger-management issues.

While working part-time as a private investigator, she becomes involved in the investigation of an international serial killer who dresses his victims like Barbie dolls and is nicknamed The Barbie Slasher by the press.

Joining forces with the FBI, the local police and an American mercenary, Jennifer agrees to use herself as bait to catch a hitman with links to the killer. But it is Jennifer and her friends who are caught and earmarked to become part of the deadly “doll collection.” Jennifer Shot – Another Shot is a humorous thrill-a-minute murder mystery. View the Press Release

About the Author

Patricia Kristensen is a lawyer and mother of five, living in Victoria, Australia.