Ankh: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins by Pandora

978-1-62212-908-9-PandoraCoverAbout the Book

An unknown evil force captures a girl in its spell in the new teen adventure novel Ankh: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins.

Stacy and Jess are two Egyptian American sisters living normal lives in California, until the day they stumble onto an unknown evil. The powerful force separates the two teens, leaving Jess in this world, while plunging Stacy into a strange and dark magical realm, where she is alone and afraid. Ancient Egyptian goddesses join Stacy to help her embark on an epic journey to reunite with her sister in the real world.

Stacy must learn the secrets of her Egyptian ancestors and invoke the powers of a magic bracelet before she can face the evil of the Seven Deadly Sins and find her way back home. The sisters learn that their inner strength and cultural background can get them through most anything. But even with her newfound knowledge, will Stacy be able to escape the dark magic before her time runs out? Find out in the thrilling Ankh! View the Press Release

Blurb from the Book

Ankh: “Invoke the, invoke the, invoke the.”

About the Author

Antoinette WellsPandora is a lifelong resident of California. A devoted mother, she currently lives in Hayward and devotes her time to caring for her autistic son and writing poetry and short stories. Ankh is her first published book.