Some people never retire and Pam Arnold is one of them. Well known to many Adelaideans for her successful talent school and childcare courses. On retiring Pam enrolled in a WEA writing course and at 82 she now has her third book underway. Murder In Tusmore Park is her first book and the main characters – Biddy and Justin – a pair of energetic 60-somethings find themselves tangled in an intriguing series of homicides, mostly taking place just over the front fence in Tusmore Park, South Australia. Familiar faces easily spring to mind as Pam sets the scene in the leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide and on the banks of the River Murray at Mannum, with Biddy and Justin becoming both suspects and sleuths. Like a budding Agatha Christie, Pam cleverly builds suspense around a plot that twists and turns leading to a surprising grand finale, that is horrifying in its clarity.

I enjoyed Biddy and Justin’s company for a few days as I read Murder In Tusmore Park. It was interesting and insightful to read a book set in Adelaide that could well be starring “your parents’ friends”. I’m keen to find out what they get up to in the series, Pacific Incident 9-11-13 and its sequel, The Procurers. – Mary Taylor, Deputy Ed. SA Life Magazine

“Murder in Tusmore Park” is Pamela Arnold’s first page turning crime novel in the Justin and Biddy series. The second, “Pacific Incident 9-11-13”, was published first. Both available worldwide on line, soft cover, Aussie libraries, Matildas Stirling& book stores.

“Murder in Tusmore Park” is a fast paced detective story set in Adelaide, South Australia. It is reminiscent of an episode of Midsummer Murders with gruesome gore, false leads, characters fascinating and sinister, some loveable “good guys,” action and genuine suspense.

Our retiree protagonist couple Biddy and Justin, while embroiled in murders and becoming police suspects, introduce you to the deceivingly peaceful city of Adelaide; its weather, life style, restaurant’s, the Clipsal 500 car race . The story also takes us to the River Murray and the century old paddle steamer, Tarella, and some derring-do with bikies complete with chase and Lake Alexandrina cliff top excitement.

Abducted by the psychotic murderer, Biddy is trying to survive being drugged, tortured, and seeing her dog killed, praying Justin and the Police find her in time.

Highly recommended for those seeking a good action yarn.” – Chris Nagel B.A.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed “Pacific Incident”!

Tracey was telling me about the book, made it sound so exciting and I obviously ordered one.

I had to go on a train trip from Beechworth to Melbourne, tucked under my arm was “Pacific Incident” I was so caught up in the story, that I was disappointed when I got to Melbourne as I had to put the book down!

I LOVE LOVE the story line, the whole content. As a previous cruiser, you took me back to the cruise ship with all the characters on board my previous cruises. I spent my meals with “Biddy & Justin” and had some awesome experiences with the crew and I had even met a couple of “red” heads and there awful husbands!! I have spent some time in Sri Lanka and the tuk tuk experience were just as I remember them! I can’t wait for the prelude to get to print and would like to pre-order it if possible.

Thanks again for an amazing journey in your story telling.” – Michelle

“Pamela M Arnold’s new book in the Biddy and Justin series, “Pacific
Incident 9-11-13”, is an extraordinary achievement.

She presents a very topical plot. The novel is set on a luxury cruise in
settings familiar to all who have enjoyed such a holiday. The cabins,
the laundry, the dining arrangements, the gym and beauty salon, and the
tenders are all there.

Into this familiar scene she inserts a deadly conspiracy. From this
emerges a galloping yarn, full of action, quick thinking and daring.
The exotic locations lend an extra glamor, mystery and sense of danger.

Some of the characters are known to one another from a previous
encounter and quickly establish an understanding and trust between one
another. One “cell” is pitted against the other!

The novel is well researched, with crisp clear dialogue. The Australian
“character” and love of life and living plays a large part in the story.

The ending is particularly intriguing. The audience is left to wonder
about some unresolved matters and, perhaps, look forward to further
information in the future. Pam is one talented octogenarian!” – Chris Nagel B.A.

“Step aside Mr.& Mrs. North, look over your shoulder Nick and Nora Charles, here come those other intrepid middle-aged detectives, Biddy Jennings and Justin Fuller, who are back in Pam Arnold’s latest novel, Pacific Incident,9-11-13.

Booked for a leisurely holiday cruise aboard the pacific Queen Royale, Biddy and Justin again find themselves entangled not only in good old mystery and intrigue, but also in modern day piracy, jihads, and Taliban terrorists.

All the romance and adventure of the High seas are present in Pacific Incident, as well as the charmingly delicious affaire d’amour between Biddy and Justin, who prove that you’re never too old for love.

Pam Arnold’s intriguing and delightful yarn spins a web of mystery and surprise as she peels away the veneer of the characters and we discover that nothing is what it seems to be.

Justin may not be the swashbuckling hero in seven-league boots, nor Biddy, Winged Victory leading the charge, but they do a damn good imitation, and give us, the reader, a stirring heartiness that good will always triumph over evil, and that love will conquer all.

Pacific Incident is a rollicking good read and Madam Arnold an emerging author headed for the best seller list.” – James Garrett,BA, Eng.Educ. U.S.A.

“This is a fascinating,well plotted story,with credible characters and deep suspense-it’s a real page turner and deserves to be published.”  – CN, The Publisher’s Editor