Biddy and Justin Series by Pamela M. Arnold

Murder in Tusmore Park: Biddy and Justin Series Book I

9781625167835-Perfect.inddMurder in Tusmore Park is the first in the Biddy and Justin Series, the forerunner to the second book Pacific Incident 9-11-13. This novel has the same compelling characters and is a fascinating, well-plotted thriller with genuine suspense. Another page turner by Australian author Pamela M. Arnold!

Lively sixty-year-olds Biddy and Justin are embroiled in a series of homicides, two of which are committed in the park opposite Justin’s duplex. Due to Justin finding both bodies, the couple become police suspects.

The murders continue and Biddy becomes an amateur sleuth to exonerate them both. Targeting Biddy, the wily psychotic killer eventually manages to trap her. While Justin and the police desperately search for her, Biddy, who is drugged, tortured, and her dog killed, prays they will find her in time.

Pacific Incident 9-11-13: Biddy and Justin Series Book 2


Pacific Incident 9-11-13 is a fascinating, well-plotted thriller, with compelling characters and genuine suspense.

While on a cruise, jet-setting retiree couple, Biddy and Justin uncover an extremist jihad plot designed to punish Australia for deploying troops to Afghanistan. Extremists have smuggled a suitcase sized nuclear device aboard the ship the couple are cruising on, and plan to destroy the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge.

But to prevent the plan from being carried out, Biddy and Justin must stop Rukan, a Christian born woman who was kidnapped by the Taliban as a child and brainwashed into becoming a nuclear terrorist. Working on the ship, Rukan comes to realise that she has been duped by her fellow terrorists. But will her conscience be enough to dissuade her from carrying out this spectacular act of terror? It’s a race against time as Biddy and Justin, aided by detective inspector Brien Schultz must attempt to thwart the catastrophic detonation in Pacific Incident 9-11-13.

The Procurers: Biddy and Justin Series Book Three

978-1-62857-579-8-PArnoldCoverIn The Procurers, amateur but lively senior sleuths Biddy and Justin find themselves back on board the Pacific Queen Royale, as agents for the Australian National Veterans Network. They are tasked with uncovering increasing and unexplained passenger disappearances at sea, and also to keep an eye on Professor Witherspoon, who is working with a world consortium to provide free, clean fusion energy via a Tokomak reactor in France.

ANVN and Detective Inspector Brien Schultz from Adelaide Crime, also seeks help from celebrated Australian yachtsman, Sir Tim Harvey, to uncover terrorists at sea, whom Biddy suspects of abducting boat people as fodder for body parts, and processing them aboard the Goliath, a giant fishing trawler fitted with huge freezers.

As one of the abductees is an American National, the U.S. Coast Guard is involved, providing use of a Black Hawk helicopter to track the Goliath, which escapes for concealment to an Indian ship demolition graveyard to continue its macabre butchery.

Will Justin and the Black Hawk crew be in time to save Biddy and the abductees on the disabled trawler from imminent demolition?

Frenzy in Frome Road: Book Four of the Biddy and Justin Series

Arnold-Cover-WebPamela Arnold has done it again: another fast-paced suspense thriller that slices through a multitude of dangers, always stays on track, and keeps readers intrigued.

Lively seniors Biddy and Justin, with no time to unpack after returning home from an overseas assignment, are abducted and whisked away in a unique custom-designed, bullet-proof Mercedes.

The action takes place between a luxurious South Australian hills estate called Landmark House and a Tokamak, an experimental machine that harnesses the energy of fusion, in Provence, France.

The story embraces a multitude of interesting tech items, including Abio, a robot dog, which Justin’s dog, a Japanese Chin named Puffer, considers it nothing more than a retarded cousin that does tricks with a ball. There’s also Toots, a Google driverless car, in which Biddy traps an assassin, and Oso is a beautiful and sexy humanoid that’s been enhanced with an extra sex app.

Biddy and Justin, expecting to enjoy a little R&R, are instead swept into action at the Adelaide Zoo, due to a terrorist threat. Going undercover, Biddy poses as an elderly blind woman accompanied by her seeing eye dog, which in reality is an attack dog.

About the Author

Pamela M. ArnoldRetiring from a successful business at age 75, Pam Arnold discovered the fun of writing. The Procurers, the third in the Biddy and Justin suspense thriller series, is acclaimed as the most exciting yet. It is often suggested that Pam now 81, should write her memoirs. The reply, an adamant, “No way, even the suggestion might alarm some people!”

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