All Women are Bitches and All Men are Bastards By Nina van der Plas

About the Book and the Author


Forget Mars and Venus!

All Women Are Bitches & All Men Are Bastards! Now that the author has our attention, she wants us to take a closer look at ourselves, before we start pointing fingers at the opposite sex.

Nina van der Plas believes that men and women are more alike than they care to admit, and at times the similarities can be humorous. What really goes on behind our actions? Once we can look beyond the behavior and into the emotions from another’s point of view, we can build better relationships with those we care about.

When it comes to All Women Are Bitches, forget the guide Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus. This book’s more like: We’re all Earthlings!

Author Bio

Nina van der Plas lives in Queensland, Australia, where she manages the education department of the Training Institute for Personal Trainers. She has been involved in health and fitness for over 12 years and her career was motivated by helping people. “I want to share the insights I have learned about human behaviour so we can be less reactive and more interactive in the way we operate in relationships.” Her next book is on ancestry.