How To Be Your Husband’s Mistress by Nikki Perry

About the Book

When a man cheats in a relationship, it’s often too easy to blame him and not look at the reasons behind the betrayal. There are many times when something can be done to stop the affair before it even begins. How to Be Your Husband’s Mistress helps women discover how to keep their husbands happy, how to tell if their husband is cheating and, if all else fails, how to move on if the relationship can’t be saved.

Written with insight, compassion and a fresh perspective, How to Be Your Husband’s Mistress will bring a constructive and hopeful message to all women regarding the subjects of love, commitment and the prevention of betrayal.

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About the Author

Nikki Perry was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she currently resides. Ms. Perry has owned two production companies, N-Studios and Platinum Productions, since 2004. She produces three television shows – The Talk To Me New Orleans Show (which she also hosts), 504 Video Show, and New Orleans Live – and also owns Platinum Dance Studio.

Ms. Perry is producing her first movie, Platinum, which will be out this year, along with a play called Ebony’s Child. When not working, Ms. Perry loves spending time with her daughters, Ebony and Ayana, and her grandson Keenan. Ms. Perry is involved with many businesses in the New Orleans area, concentrating on community events and raising money for summer camps and toy drives.

Ms. Perry’s next book, Secrets, is a five-part series about relationships, focusing on sex, lies and betrayal.