Step Up Father by Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi

About the Book

Step Up Father is a book which outlines the problems associated between fathers and mostly their children. It is a book that gives father’s the opportunity to reconcile and to take up their responsibility roles in the life of their children.

About the Author

Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi is a young undergraduate student of the University for Development Studies offering Bsc. Agriculture Technology.

Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi, grew up without knowing who is real father was until a certain age in his life. He lost the opportunity of fatherly love even when he finally met his father. The cold and uncaring nature of his father ended him up in so many challenges in life. It is against this back drop that Nicholas Ameyaw-Akumfi has taken it upon himself to come out with this book to put father’s on their toes to step up and be responsible.

Additional Information

Please note that, anyone who purchases this book is contributing to n-square foundation. A foundation that is caring for the vulnerable children in the society who have been a victim of father neglect and other societal problems. n-square aims at providing children with free education right from creche to the university level.