Educational References

References pertaining to the educational merits of John Pond of Oaks

On the matter of acceptance as a learning tool. In Australia, the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment, after perusing John Pond of Oaks, endorsed its validity. The Department commended the work done in researching and writing this historic novel. In an unprecedented act the Department then invited the author to contact Queensland schools to promote John Pond of Oaks, kindly supplying the address of every school in Queensland, a significant compliment.

On the matter of suitability to students, Queensland historian and recently retired Headmaster, Dr. Joe Goodall, assessed the book as beneficial to higher school students and older primary students to improve their understanding of early Australia.

On the matter of observing the rights of Australian Aboriginals, Colin Dillon, a retired police inspector and former manager of the indigenous college at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, concluded that passages in the book, although very descriptive and revealing, convey indigenous customs and rites without risk of contravening their integrity.

On the matter of historical truth, a select committee of historians subjected the text to vigorous study and concluded the story holds with the facts. The author, Dr. A. Waugh, who wrote Charlie’s Stoush, a World War 1 biography, found likewise.