John Pond of Oaks by Nev Ollis

About the Book

John Pond of Oaks is an inspiring novel about John Pond, an English school-teaching parson, who settles in Australia during the rich historic era of 1856 to 1868.

The story follows a dozen years in Pond’s life. The married father of seven, he is a teacher who becomes a deacon in the Church of England. After his posting in Australia, he survives savage racial differences, catastrophic gold rush disruptions to his flock, the ever-present bushranger dangers, the arrogance of infinite and unbridled police power, and the bush in its rawest form.

Through Pond, the reader sees the chronic differences between original settlers and indigenous Australians, while observing Britain’s empirical growth worldwide. Pond’s journey to Australia and his observations are covered in flashbacks to reveal factors which influenced the development of the unique Australian culture.

“John Pond of Oaks,” it is set in the Macarthur district of New South Wales, the cradle of progressive history in Australia. Although the main character is fictional, the circumstances of his surrounds are based on solid and well research historical fact between the years 1856 and 1868. It includes pen snapshots of many aspects of the era and the world which gave birth to the unique Australian character.

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