Books by Monica King

Becoming Farmor

This book is about my personal journey into grandmotherhood with all its joys and surprises. It spans several years, and was written primarily about events in Vermont, but also details family-related journeys.

My story reveals the internal transitions made as life unfolds. It provides a glimpse into a Swedish-American family, featuring some traditions handed down through time, as well as the births of my grandchildren’s generation.

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The Second Shot Heard Around the World

The Second Shot Heard Around the World is the extraordinary true account of one woman’s encounter with a terrifying assassination attempt in the wilderness of New Hampshire, and the subsequent aftermath. The attack took place in late 2003.

She writes her own first-person narrative of the incident with her former spouse, describing the hours it took before making it out of this isolated area to get help.

Her narrative is infused by her experiences as a nurse and is interwoven with the resources she discovered to help in her healing from the ordeal.

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About the Author

She wrote the book to help her heal from PTSD. She is working on her next book, which is a novel.