Put Him Out for Good by M. J. Haider

About the Book

Put Him Out for Good is a study in the opposing concepts of solitude and companionship. In this remarkable novel, a man with a guilty conscience moves to a new town to escape the horrors of his past and his present, but to no avail.

Keen to avoid interaction with the locals, he keeps to himself, engaging in extreme and bizarre physical exercises as a form of self-discipline. A chance encounter with a thirteen-year-old girl starts an unusual friendship, which progresses from irritation to frustration, to genuine intrigue and a hint of solace.

As the man unveils more and more of his dark past, the girl becomes strongly attached to him. She is determined to help, but the solution he is seeking is beyond her capabilities. When the already tenuous ties of companionship that hold them together become threatened, the girl learns the full revelations underlying his past.

Just as she is about to arrange for his treatment, the man’s inner demons explode in a fit of fury. This powerful novel delves into how one man can become estranged from society. Will the solution Put Him Out for Good?

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Author M. J. Haider has written a character-driven novel that keeps readers on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what happens next. His eloquent prose keeps readers hungry for the next bit of well-written details that push his main character along. A main character that is plagued with weaknesses and humanity and always seems to get everything wrong, yet remains in the spotlight as he continually tries to redeem himself. Being the type of person that trouble always finds – no matter how much he tries to avoid it – means his quest for redemption seems always just beyond his reach.
Armed with an anti-social, introverted personality, the man is constantly plagued by his past and his own personality. The main character is so introverted, in fact, that he doesn’t even reveal his name to us while we’re sucked into the vortex of his travels and quirky behaviors. The author is a genius for weaving such a web of a story that by page 60, a reader blinks and realizes that he or she doesn’t even know what the main character’s name is and by that point, doesn’t mind because they’ve already gotten to know him. The main character is a universal character, seeking to master himself – an impossible task. The author has done a brilliant job of fragmenting the story through the various characters, with riveting and realistic dialogue.
A thoroughly excellent read!” – Emily Ann Jones-Parker

About the Author

Born and raised in Kuwait, M. J. Haider is now studying in London for a master’s degree in immunology. “I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of solitude, where it originates from, why it happens, and how people deal with it, whether they accept it or not. Deeply interconnected with this interest is my interest in the complete opposite: companionship, the presence of “someone.”