All In Her Head By Michelle Paisley

About the Book

All in Her Head takes us on an enlightened journey into one woman’s psyche. Bridget Holiday is a 41-year-old freelance writer who is obsessed with her weight. In this mind-expanding novel, she meets a beginning hypnotherapist who wants to help her confront her demons.

Instead, Bridget regresses back to a time before her birth, when she is still in spirit form. Seeking help from her yoga teacher, Bridget is guided through this new astral world, where she meets up with her dead boyfriend. When faced with her own life-or-death crisis, Bridget realizes that her only hope for salvation is to embrace the life she is now living.

All in Her Head is all about learning to love your inner self. If you are able to do that, you may open yourself up to connect with your soul mate and with your dreams.

About the Author

Michelle Paisley is the author of Yoga for a Broken Heart: A Spiritual Guide for Healing from Break-up, Loss, Death or Divorce (Findhorn Press, 2007). She has a bachelor’s degree in English from California State University, Sacramento. A former Bay Area journalist, she now owns Flow Massage and Yoga Therapy in Sacramento, where she lives with her family. She is a featured collaborator and local script development director in the international film and television project, “The Difference.” For information on her media appearances, lectures and workshops, visit

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