Novels by Michael Joseph Scanlon

Heaven: A Gift Unfailing


It’s been said, “There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth, we call it Love.” Author Michael Joseph Scanlon stirs the imagination of his readers about Heaven by getting them to think “upwards,” as they read his “uplifting” new book Heaven: A Gift Unfailing.

This compelling book describes the realities of Heaven, and its examples come from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and secular faiths. The book also outlines the best way to get to Heaven.

After finding his own answers, the author wanted to help others by describing what he found in layman’s terms. Heaven: A Gift Unfailing will not fail you!

The Path of Peter Smethurst: A 21st Century Pilgrim’s Progress


The Path of Peter Smethurst: A 21st Century Pilgrim’s Progress is the life story of a spiritual aspirant who does not know what he is. His early life and later career are described as he makes his way through life, unaware of what his destiny might be.

Set in modern-day England, Peter Smethurst is a quiet man who tries and fails to make sense of his situation, until he is almost completely submerged in a catastrophic event. He encounters hard times, but eventually finds help, and begins to learn where his spiritual journey should take him.

The book covers thirty years of his life, showing modern aspirants the important things to know if spiritual realisation can be achieved in our times.

About The Wisdom of Doctor James

Scanlon-Cover-WebThe Wisdom of Doctor James begins with a continuation of the tale of Mr Napier, a central character in the author’s first novel, The Path of Peter Smethurst.
A debate arises between the pivotal characters, including Doctor James, a theologian and spiritual expert, and William Browning, a student. Then Doctor James makes another appearance to explain the fate of mankind.

This theological story jumps two hundred years into the future on another world before reintroducing the central characters in a grand finish where all the disparate threads are woven into a beautiful tapestry.

The Fate of Mr Johnson

The Fate of Mr Johnson is the third and final volume of what has become the “Chronicles of Peter Smethurst,” who is a pivotal figure of mercy in the series.

The first volume tells the story of one man and his life. The second volume offers a major theme concerning the fate of mankind, as seen through the eyes of a handful of characters in the first volume. This final volume traces the early karma of Mr Johnson, a key figure in the trilogy who has been evil from childhood, his death, and what happens to him afterwards.

This story begins in 1927, moves to present day, and then jumps two hundred years in the future. The climax explains the fate of the universe, as witnessed by these characters.

About the Author

Michael Joseph Scanlon hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He lived in Cyprus and Indonesia for many years before settling in London, England. This is his fourth book. He is a librarian. “The themes of mercy, redemption, and forgiveness resonate with me deeply. I wanted to reach readers who have no religious background who still wonder about the meaning of life.”