The Bright Side of the Dark! by Mayuresh Kulkarni

About the Book

I am a practising lawyer from Pune, State-Maharashtra, India. I always have had a keen interest in poetry and literature, for which language is no barrier. I prefer writing to be a “poetic act,” which gives me more freedom of expression, rather than composing in a strict form of poetry.

I sincerely think that one should be able to write on all possible subjects and plots, rather than restricting to certain emotions or themes. The discrepancies, dichotomies, and double standards that may found be in our relationships and other areas of our lives in modern society always disturbs me, attracts my attention, and invites me to write.

I am basically a science student, so I try to explore any idea or plot in a more analytical or logical way.

The sufferings and the pain we undergo play a vital role in our pursuit of excellence. We should not blame the fates or look for escape doors like God or destiny. Instead, our convictions should consider the truths to be found in poetry such as The Bright Side of the Dark!

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About the Author

This is the author’s first book in English. Mayuresh Kulkarni says, “Many of the finest writers and poets in my mother tongue (Marathi language) are unknown to the world, merely because they did not write in English or their works haven’t been translated into English.” He hopes his book has universal appeal, crossing ethnic and national borders.