The Mechanicals of Recoleta By Max Milano

About the Book

The intense spy drama The Mechanicals of Recoleta uncovers the dark secrets of torture and murder that took place during Argentina’s dirty war of 1976 to 1983. Now, years later, those secrets are about to be unburied.

In modern-day California, Zoe works in Silicon Valley and is newly married. Her honeymoon is interrupted by a phone call from Buenos Aires, where her father has just died. Zoe rushes to South America to attend the funeral at Recoleta cemetery, where only the wealthiest of Argentina’s upper crust are buried. Zoe uncovers hints about her father’s and uncle’s roles during the military junta dictatorship, and then learns her new husband might not be who she thinks he is.

Zoe is forced to confront the past, which makes her question everything about her life, including her true heritage, her religion and her husband’s real identity. The Mechanicals of Recoleta will rock your foundations.

About the Author

Max Milano has delivered a novel that melds Shakespearian drama with Tarantino-esque violence. The Mechanicals [Grave Diggers] of Recoleta is a Hamlet meets Kill Bill tour de force. Milano has lived throughout the world, and now resides in Silicon Valley, California, where he is writing his next two books.