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978-1-62516-020-1-MPageCoverThe Grand New Delhi Escapaides

In the adventure novel The Grand New Delhi Escapade, Sharlene McGowan has the uncanny ability of getting into trouble without trying. Losing her mom three years ago leads to her move to India to be with her well-known father, Dr. Greg McGowan.

When Sharlene insists upon going to the marketplace one day, her father has important meetings at the New Delhi embassy. He asks his assistant Sajiv Karran to accompany Sharlene and keep her safe.

While at the Sarojini Market, a bomb explodes at the embassy, making Sharlene and Sajiv take shelter at his cousin’s home. That evening they are met by Colonel Sanjit Kapoor, an army soldier assigned to the embassy to take care of special envoys. Together they must unravel the bombing threat.

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Page Cover WebWhite Shark Cafe

White Shark Café was conceived after reading about sharks swimming between California and Hawaii. Scientists found that during certain months of the year, the sharks would gather in groups to dive and play. Dr. Randall Kochevar and a team of scientists of the TOPP (Tagging of Pacific Predators) program found this as unusual behavior for Great White Sharks. Read what they discovered about these magnificent creatures.

Author Mary Page stated her book began as an assignment with the Institute of Children’s Literature. Her teacher suggested interviewing a scientist to add to the story idea. The author found and interviewed Dr. Kochevar, who did TOPP’s public relations and outreach for community activities.

She says, “From that, I crafted their findings into a narrative format. The TOPP project has transformed now into the Global Tagging of Pelagic Predators, at”