Reviews for Reveille in Hot Springs: The Battle to Save Our VA

By Tom King
“…..Certainly should be required reading for anyone planning for change to any Veterans’ facility, particularly one as long-established as the one at Hot Springs.”

By Richard J. Dostal
“Once I started reading it I just couldn’t put it down. Each story was rich, concise and earthy. A tapestry of America’s diversity of veterans served by and helped by the Hot Springs VA…..”

By Margaret A. Sanders
“……It is a must read for anyone who cares about veterans.”

By Justin Gausman
“Mary Ellen Goulet’s book, Reveille in Hot Springs is a compelling hard-to-put-down look at the lives of many different individuals who share two common threads: that they served in the military, and they all want to save and protect the over 100-year-old Battle Mountain Sanitarium, a National Historic Landmark located in Hot Springs, SD……”

“This is a community trying to change the United States and bring down a bad decision by a government agency. Stories of warriors who have kept our country free.”

By Stu Marty
“…..Thanks to all veterans for your service, and thanks to this author for bridging the gap between these special people and me.”

By Brandon Ecoffey
“The portrait that Mary Goulet paints of our Native American veterans provides a much-needed glimpse of their life experiences. This book provides an opportunity for people to learn of the struggles and successes that our heroes have had throughout life and is vital reading for all who care about this country.”

by Kirkus Reviews

Reveille in Hot Springs is a compelling read from cover to cover, culled from a year and a half of taking testimonials from veterans who have been treated at the Hot Springs VA. The original testimonials were sent to Washington, D.C. along with Save the VA’s counter-proposal and this book represents only a sampling of the thousands of men & women who served our country. From WWII to OIF/OEF, the voices of the veterans echo one sentiment: Protect our VA.

Kirkus Reviews called Reveille in Hot Springs an “infuriating, stinging rebuke to politicians who leave returning soldiers to their own devices” and that “Readers may come away from this collection believing that the government should be cloning it [the Hot Springs VA] in every state.”