Kashmir on a Knife Edge

About the Book

Novel Explores Walking a Cultural Tightrope Between East and West

What was it like for a Western woman to work in Kashmir following 9/11? Kashmir on a Knife-Edge is an intriguing novel that balances fact with fiction.

Jorja is an Australian consultant working for the Ministry of Education in the capital of Kashmir, a Pakistan-administered state. Her life takes a precarious turn following the terrorist attacks on September 11, as she tries to continue working during an extremely tense period in Pakistan and India relations. Separated from her boyfriend back in Australia, Jorja is caught in a society that balances love and isolation with danger at every turn. Peek into the picturesque, yet troubled Kashmir area, a land caught between two conflicting nations.

“This is a seductive work. One also falls in love with Kashmir itself and its people, both of which are brought vividly to life. A wealth of detail about the history, culture and politics of Kashmir is woven into the tale but it is a story about people more than anything else. It informs but also uplifts. In the end it demonstrates that though East may be East and West may be West, the twain may well meet with much mutual enrichment.” – Jan Scherpenhuizen, Australian author

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