• The Adventures of AsparaGUS is listed in publisher’s (SBPRA) CCR (Customized Children’s Report) for 2013 and 2015.
  • Graphics and Links “Signature” added to personal email to continuously remind folks about the book.
  • With the help of my publisher, we designed full color, double-sided rack cards that triple as bookmarks and unique business cards. These cards are easy to slip into envelopes for mailings, colorful for merchants (who carry the book) to display, and clever hand-outs at book signings and events.
  • Featured book at Biloxi Visitor Center Biloxi, MS
  • Featured book at Beauvoir Home and Presidential Library Biloxi, MS
  • GLOBAL Exposure: The Adventures of AsparaGUS is distributed in Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, UK, India, and is approved reading in China.
  • Fall 2014- The Adventures of GUS was selected for the IB Library StudyeBuddy Program. Gus was part of 1000 titles chosen for this program which supplies e-books to baccalaureate schools.
  • March 2016- Gus is now available from The Adventures of AsparaGUS audiobook was produced by and narrated by Colleen Curan. ACX is an Amazon platform.

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Library Connections

  • Pascagoula City Library (Mississippi) added the Adventures of AsparaGUS to it’s library.
  • West Wortham Elementary School (Gulfport, MS) added GUS to their school library.
  • Saint Vincent DePaul Elementary School (Pass Christian, Mississippi) has included The Adventures of AsparaGUS to their school library.
  • Follett and Ingram added as school library distribution services.

Book Signings

  • 9/2012 Tradition Realtor Da
  • 10/2012 Tradition Fall Festival
  • 10/2012 Realtor Open House
  • 11/2012 United Methodist Fall Bazaar
  • 11/2012 Tradition Family Lasagna Night
  • 11/2013 Beauvoir Presidential Library and Museum
  • 2/15/2014 First Annual Adopt-A-Bowl: Humane Society of South Mississippi partnered with Ohr-Okeefe Museum of Art for a mutual fundraiser. Local artists came together to build, throw, and glaze over 200 bowls that were purchased for $20 each and could be filled with food from 6 local vendors.
  • Adoptable pets were the highlight of the event. The Adventures of AsparaGUS was one of two retail vendors (non-food) selected to participate.
  • 9/1/2014 Labor Day Book Signing and Reading at Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi, MS.