Available Grace By Marianne Cassell

About the Book

Available Grace: True Short Stories of the Rewards of Intentional Living is a wonderful collection showcasing moments when the author, her family, and friends experienced the grace of God in their lives. Follow these inspirational narratives as they confirm faith and love embodied in our hearts and souls.

Available Grace begins in 1964, when author Marianne Cassell first encountered Jesus and was converted. In 1999, she attended a Bible study where the teacher asked everyone to share a story of God’s grace in our lives.

“The rest of the class said something like, ‘I can’t think of a time of grace in my life.’ I thought my grandchildren might say the same thing. They were teenagers, so I decided the best way to communicate with them was by e-mail. I wrote and sent them one story each week. As friends heard what I was doing, they asked to receive the stories as well. Eventually, I had so many stories, they would fill a book!”

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About the Author

Marianne Cassell’s first book The Prodigal Wife was published in 1976. A Fort Worth native, she now resides in Lubbock, Texas. “I have already written enough stories for another book. Because of the nature of these stories, I’m still writing them, as God pours out His grace on me.”

Book Signings

My book will be available on the book table at the 2012 COTR Bloom Conference at Church On The Rock Lubbock Jan. 20-21. Susan Bozarth and Chrissy Godwin will be speaking. To register click on:  http://cotrlubbock.com