How Orples Came to Be by Marcy Cockerille King

About the Book

In the amazing new children’s book, How Orples Came to Be, Jack Zimp is an only child, whose mother recently passed away. The twelve-year-old is lonely, but his father, a scientist, is too busy working to give Jack the time and attention his son needs. Jack can only dream about having a happy family life again.

Meanwhile, Olivia, an intelligent little orange, hangs above Jack and watches him playing under her “Treasure Tree.” She longs to be his friend. As the days pass, the oranges ripen and Olivia finds herself being plucked from her tree and carried into Jack’s house. Olivia’s future appears to be very short.

Through a series of mishaps and adventures due to Mr. Zimp’s experiments, Olivia is transformed from an orange into an orple, becoming humanlike. Now that she can move about, see and talk, she and Jack meet each other and become fast friends. Not only that, but Mr. Zimp ends up creating another orple named Oscar. The trio, along with Mrs. Mouse, must find a way to take the orples back to the Treasure Tree where they belong.

How Orples Came to Be is a fast-paced and uplifting story about loneliness, love, loyalty and friendship.

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About the Author

Marcy Cockerille King lives in Chester, Virginia, and is working on the sequel, The Orples Make a Tree Home. She is inspired by her children and grandchildren. Although, she admits that she has become rather close to her little orple buddies.